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Advanced Collaborative Professionals

The Advanced Collaborative Professional designation signifies a commitment to Collaborative Practice and an advanced level of practice and expertise. It requires additional training and a minimum number of successfully completed collaborative files, and ongoing continuing education requirements.


Collaborative Family Professionals

Collaborative Family Professionals assist clients to move through the separation process by facilitating discussions on communication, relationships, emotions, wellbeing, co-parenting and children’s best interests. They work with parents to create a Parenting Plan appropriate for their family. Family Professionals are neutral and are retained by both spouses/partners.


Collaborative Financial Professionals

Collaborative Financial Professionals are neutral, retained by both spouses/partners. They help both spouses/partners understand relevant financial information. Financial Professionals prepare property statements, identify go-forward lifestyle spending needs and financial opportunities and work with the team to create and attain a successful agreement. Some Collaborative Financial Professionals bring expertise in specific financial areas, such as property or business valuations, or mortgages.


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